Ethnic's origins.

We started out as a small company called E-LAB in the dusty streets of Athi-river Kenya with the goal of eradicating the world's electronic waste by turning it into products for the fashion Industry.  Millions of tons of this toxic waste was being discarded in towns like Athi-river by foreign nations. Since the world was watching and doing nothing about it. We decided to put on our capes and be the heroes in this story.

As seen on CNN and Aljazeera,E-LAB  eradicated 4000 tons of electronic waste from impoverished communities across Africa while tackling poverty and unemployment by connecting 1000s of artisans to  global fashion brands.

Our products have been showcased during the New York fashion week and Milan fashion week. Our efforts to create a culture of safe and responsible electronic waste disposal in Africa were recognized by her Majesty the Queen of England and we received the Queen's young Leaders award at Buckingham palace in June of 2016 and we were named as among the top 50 most innovative companies globally.


The Ethnic Brand is an extension of our BOLD vision. We want to change how products are made globally lower the entry barrier to manufacturing for millions of creators , designers or visionaries by giving them access to a global network of the best product factories all through a smart phone. Our biggest goal is to push the human race foward by mitigating  the need for building physical factories which happen tp be the biggest sources of waste streams and development challenges in many parts of our planet.


Award-winning designer operating at the intersection of simplicity and elegance to craft meaningful ideas that endure.

Alex Mativo